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Personalised Domes

What are domed stickers? Domed stickers are a high quality image that is printed on adhesive vinyl which is then coated with a high gloss scratch resistant resin to give a flat sticker a 3D look. So what are personalised domes? Personalised domes are all of the above plus the added bonus of a personalised

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2020 Pica Awards

Kinbrook was honoured with a few contenders and 4 awards in various categories during this years Printing Industry Creativity Awards 2020 and the awards were for our innovation and specialities. We are printers that can think outside the box, so come to Kinbrook for your printing needs. Robert would like to thank the wonderful work

Largest Dome Sticker

Largest Dome

The Challenge -Previous Record Surpassed Can you do it, Robert?Can it be done? Guy Adamson from Spot On Signs challenged me to something that has not been done, as far as I am aware of, in Australia. A large format resin domed sign. The previous record was a dome sign of 790mm Diameter – This

The Best Promotional Product For Your Business

To create the most effective promotional product for your business, you need to take a close look at your business operation and ask yourself the following questions: What type of products do you sell? What services do you provide? What needs do you satisfy in your customers? What problem does your product or service offer

Why Use Business Promotional Item?

Creating a business promotional item will benefit you in a number of ways: Your business will immediately evoke a positive association in your customers’ minds. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. A business promotional item will invoke the law of reciprocity. Presenting your customer with a business promotional item will make you feel generous. A business

The Value of Repeat Business

By definition, a business is not a business without customers. A person might rent a business premises in a pleasant location, decorate the interior in a tasteful way, fill it with lots of attractive goods or put up a sign advertising their services, but if no one knows they’re open for business, they won’t be

How Domed Resin Magnets Are Created

Domed resin magnets are a specialty item that is the result of a multi-stage process. Because we want you, our customer, to get the most effective product for your purposes, we take particular care with every step. Here is what you will need to do to create your own custom promotional magnet: Stage 1: Choosing