Personalised Domes

What are domed stickers? Domed stickers are a high quality image that is printed on adhesive vinyl which is then coated with a high gloss scratch resistant resin to give a flat sticker a 3D look. So what are personalised domes? Personalised domes are all of the above plus the added bonus of a personalised design a personalised custom shape and size. 

How the resin can boost a personalised dome

Using a personalised dome is a unique way of advertising, a step of improvement above your regular flat sticker, visually improving the overall image by portraying high quality and class. In more ways than one, the resin does help enhance any artwork.

With the added element of the dome, your sticker design will pop and stand out. The dome will actually add life to your designs giving them a 3D glass effect, making them rise out amongst flat stickers. The shiny resin dome will glimmer in the light catching the eyes of those onlookers. Your once flat sticker will then have a new level of depth and an added vibrancy.

The resin used on our products provides UV protection from the harsh Australian sun allowing your personal domes to be suitable for both indoors and outdoors applications. The resin dome itself proves beneficial as it will prevent the artwork from fading or losing its vibrancy in colour. With this added protection your personal domes will last for years to come making them a cost efficient choice.

Unlike others, the resin we use remains crystal clear and won’t turn yellow over time. Meaning that the product you first receive, with a vibrant and prestigious appearance, will remain the same and continually give you that brand new look every time you see your personalised domes on display.

How personalised domes can help you

Personalised domes have a wow factor with their flawless finish and prestigious appearance. If you know your personal domes can make a powerful impact and really stand out, why not use this to your advantage. 

Now you can help improve the visibility of who you are, your look and what your do through the use of personalised domes as they are an excellent method of creating brand awareness for your company. The flexible gel like feel of the raised 3D sticker allows your personalised domes to be stuck on different surfaces making it easier for you to get noticed.

As the resin provides a UV protective coating, you can also spread the word and stick your personal domes outdoors, making it an ideal and effective method of advertising as you are not just limited to indoors. Now that your personalised domes are weather resistant you don’t have to worry about them falling off, cracking fading or curling. 

Selecting the Base Material

With our range of foil materials, you can now add some bling to your stickers by using a foil substrate instead of a white vinyl. This will add a shimmery look to the printed artwork, making it more eye catching when the light shines on the dome sticker. 

The foil materials available

  • Polished Gold
  • Matte Gold
  • Sparkle Gold
  • Brushed Gold
  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Silver
  • Sparkle Silver
  • Brushed Silver

Custom Shape

You no longer have to stick to the standard rectangle or circle options when ordering personalised domes, you can now have a custom shape to really make your designs exclusive and unique. With rounded corners being more suitable for the resin to stay within, our team is ready to help assist you in finalising your artwork making it print and resin ready. 

Not sure what shape you are after? With an experienced team and the use of our exceptional equipment, we are able to help you create the desired shape and cut line that you envision.

Custom Size

Are you looking at creating a personalised dome and you want something that is visible and not small? Not a problem. If we can print it we can do it! Whether it’s a standard size or a specific size we are happy to help you and discuss your options with you and go through the different possibilities of making your personal dome come to life. We can create custom stickers from anywhere as little as 10mm to our largest domed sticker which is by the way a world record being 1400mm x 784mm. We’re ready and willing to tackle any job size with you. 

Style guides and corporate colours

When it comes to colour matching and adhering to your style guide, we have all the right tools and specific procedures set in place to cater for your entire corporate colour needs. From ensuring that the required Pantone colours are printed accurately to making sure that the any corporate logos are printed correctly while also carefully checking all the fine artwork detail is visible, we are ready and willing to hear all of your requests and waiting to take that next step with you to manufacture the right personalised domes for you.

With Kinbrook you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, Kinbrook has the solution.
Kinbrook is the right solution!

With Kinbrook you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, Kinbrook has the solution.
Kinbrook is the right solution!