The Value of Repeat Business

By definition, a business is not a business without customers.

A person might rent a business premises in a pleasant location, decorate the interior in a tasteful way, fill it with lots of attractive goods or put up a sign advertising their services, but if no one knows they’re open for business, they won’t be for very long. That’s why every successful business budgets for advertising and promotion. But for the small business owner, mainstream advertising can be very expensive, especially in the early days of the business when budgets are limited.

So it’s important to source low-cost but effective ways of advertising your presence in the marketplace. And while it’s essential to attract new customers, it’s extremely cost effective to keep them.

Did you know that it costs 8 times the money to attract a new customer as it does to keep a current one?
Yet many businesses overlook this fact, preferring instead to pour all their promotional funds into attracting a steady stream of new ones. Nurturing repeat customers is where promotional items like fridge magnets come into play.

Custom fridge magnets keep your name in front of your customer’s eye. You’ve already wooed them, you’ve met their needs with your product or service and you want to them to think of you the next time they need what you sell. So you present them with a colorful fridge magnet, preferably with a promotional incentive attached.

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