How Domed Resin Magnets Are Created

Domed resin magnets are a specialty item that is the result of a multi-stage process. Because we want you, our customer, to get the most effective product for your purposes, we take particular care with every step.

Here is what you will need to do to create your own custom promotional magnet:

Stage 1: Choosing Your Graphics

This is the foundation of having an affective promotional magnet.

You can choose graphics that are colorful and eye-catching, understated and professional, or anything in between.

Choose your company logo or a portion of it, or simply use aspects of the color scheme on your company literature. The key to graphics is that they must catch the eye but not detract from your actual text or message.

Kinbrook utilizes the services of a top quality Brisbane-based design company to create graphics to your specifications. If you don’t have your own in-house graphics department, we can help you create an original design.

Stage 2: Composing Your Message

The challenge is to give enough information on your promotional fridge magnet to achieve your purpose. For a business, this would include the basics of your contact details, plus any promotional message you wish to convey (such as discounts).

Or you may elect to use your gift magnet to convey an inspirational or spiritual message. Souvenir style magnets usually require a colorful graphic and the name of the location visited.

Obviously the size of the magnets will determine the amount of text you can comfortably include.

Stage 3: Blending Text and Graphics

This is where you put the first two stages together into a pleasing configuration. Kinbrook can offer assistance at any step of this process.

Stage 4: Printing Your Artwork

At this stage Kinbrook takes over for the remaining steps in the process. Our printers will produce the finished artwork to your final specifications.

Stage 5: Attaching the Magnet Base

The artwork is now attached to the magnet base and the end product cut to the shape you selected.

Stage 6: Applying the Resin Coating

Kinbrook has researched the many types of resins available and uses only the best quality for its products.

The resin is carefully applied to the magnet and the finished product set aside for 24 hours to dry. The resin coating gives a slightly raised (or domed) quality to the artwork, creating a glossy, three-dimensional effect. The end result is a high quality product that conveys a positive, professional image.

Robert at Kinbrook has spent many years perfecting this process, and has made Kinbrook one of the top producers of resin coated products in Australia. He is readily available to discuss any questions you may have about the process.