Are You Wasting A Fortune On Ineffective Advertising?

“Are You Wasting A Fortune On Ineffective Advertising? Keep Your Business Message In Front Of Your Customers Every Day With Domed Promotional Products.”

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Do you realise just how effective branding and promotional products can be in marketing your business?

Here’s how it works:
First, consider why advertising is regarded as such a crucial component in the success of a business. It’s because, in a competitive marketplace, every business runs the risk of being quickly forgotten once a transaction has been completed.

So the question is:

How do you keep your name and/or business logo at the forefront of your customers’ awareness?

The answer lies in a single word: branding. Large companies spend millions of dollars annually to keep their products and services in the public eye. And a big part of their advertising campaigns is designed to create their public image – and engender trust in their brand.

But what’s the answer for a small business with far fewer dollars to throw away on billboards and television ads?

Here’s where we come in.

  1. By adding custom designed labels and stickers, your products will advertise your company long after they’ve been delivered to the customer. This type of branding, utilising quality domed resin labels and stickers, is an effective, low-cost method for promoting your products and services to your market.
  2. You can use domed resin promotional products for more than just market visibility. Custom magnets and key rings, presented to your customers as small tokens of appreciation, can create a real sense of being valued. Everyone loves receiving a no-strings gift, especially if it’s unexpected. And along with your quality products and services, this will help inspire a sense of loyalty towards your business. Branding plus trust – a winning combination.

Here’s an additional benefit to offering free fridge magnets to your customers. While business cards may be lost or misplaced, custom fridge magnets are more likely to find a permanent home in your customer’s kitchen or your client’s lunch room. So the next time they need the products or services that you offer, your name will be right there to jog their memories.

You can use your promotional fridge magnets in the same way as business cards:

  • to provide your business contact details
  • to offer incentives for customers to return
  • to summarize the benefits of your products and services
  • to serve as a reminder of how well your business or organization solves your customer’s problems

When it comes to domed products, you’ve found the right web site. Not only can we help you with your business needs, we also offer personalised items such as magnets, key rings, jewellery and trophies.

Promotional Magnet Hand

4 Reasons To Call Us First For Your
Domed Resin Promotional Products

  1. Your products will be produced professionally by master craftsmen. As the Australian specialists in domed resin products, we supply only the highest quality promotional products that present a professional image. [You can read testimonials from some of our satisfied clients here.]
  2. You can rest assured that we won’t rush your job for the sake of expediency. We’ll take the time to make sure you get the exact look you want, with the eye-catching finish that will make your products stand out from the rest. But that doesn’t mean we’ll take weeks to fill your order. Tell us when you need your products and they’ll be ready on time.
  3. You can stop wasting money on poorly performing ads by using promotional products to bring your customers back, time and time again. You can also use them to offer incentive discounts and bonuses to both current and potential clients, attracting new customers for very little outlay.
  4. You won’t be left to fend for yourself when it comes to utilizing your promotional products. Read through the Business Articles on our web site to stimulate your ideas on effectively using magnets and other promotional items to promote your business.

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At Kinbrook, our purpose is to help you utilize the power of promotional products to keep your customers coming back to your business, rather than to your competitors. We’ll work with you to create your own custom promotional products. You can supply your own artwork or contact our graphic design team to develop the most effective images for your promotions.

And to assist you in your quest for greater profits and business success, you’ll find several helpful articles from our files on the Business Articles Page.

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