Wheel Dome

Whether it is for corporate advertising or just a bit of fun, use your spare wheel space to add value to your car with bright, long lasting self-adhesive domes.

Advertising on the rear of a vehicle is an excellent way to capture an audience while in traffic. Add some character to your vehicle with a customised sign.

A3 Magnet

Also you have option of using the sides of your vehicle with an A3 (410x295mm) size magnet.

WARNING: Magnets on a car should be removed daily to avoid the hot sun melting it onto the car.

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With a resin dome on top the colours will be enhanced through the lens effect bringing in more light. Resin will also help prevent the sun from fading the print and protect the intensity of colours for years.

The polyurethane resin we use is poured out like honey over the top of the stickers. The next morning the resin turns into a soft flexible dome.

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