Our resin domed stickers attract greater attention and protection than the average sticker.

Regular stickers are great for brand appeal, but in the ever increasing busyness of our world they can lack the impact they once had. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Domed stickers are an excellent method of creating strong brand presence for your company. The flexible gel like finish of a raised 3D sticker has an amazing impact in a world of flat 2D screens.

Send us your logo and the desired size and shape of your label or sticker and we will do the rest. If you’re still in the design stages call us and we’ll help you create a suitable solution. Contact us via phone or e-mail.


We offer a variety of sticker medias.

  • Industrial Adhesive
  • Brushed Silver
  • Sparkle
  • Polished Gold
  • Polished Silver
  • Aluminum

Our standard white media has industrial strength adhesive that will be sure to stick to most flat clean surfaces.

Our other media has a standard adhesive strength but what it lacks in adhesion it makes up for in visual appeal. Polished Gold/Silver, Brushed Silver, Aluminum & Sparkle give off an extra shine like no plain white sticker can match.


With a resin dome on top of your stickers the colours will be enhanced through the lens effect bringing in more light. Resin will also help prevent the sun from fading the print and protect the intensity of colours for years.

The polyurethane resin we use is poured out like honey over the top of the stickers. The next morning the resin turns into a soft flexible dome.

With Kinbrook you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, Kinbrook has the solution.
Kinbrook is the right solution!

“I cannot speak more highly of the product supplied by Kinbrook Pty Ltd. My idea was to fill an unsightly storage compartment in the dashboard of my vehicle with a “badge” displaying the logo and name of vehicle. As somewhat of a perfectionist this “waste of space” ruined the lines of an otherwise well appointed and ergonomic dashboard.
…on a tour of the (Kinbrook) premises I was amazed at the degree of machinery and technology. On completion (of the design phase), an e-mail was sent seeking approval or further reconsideration – it looked great!

A few days later the product was finished – manufactured to perfection. The chrome letters on the black background was enhanced by the glossy resin coating over the front giving it luster and depth. And the dash – what an improvement!! To bring to fruition what was in my imagination was extremely satisfying to me personally and the staff at Kinbrook more than willingly rose to the challenge.

The Dealer Principal, Sales Reps and Service staff from the motor vehical dealership in Beaudesert were impressed with the quality of the finished product and took Robert’s details for reference if further inquiries were made.
Overall, I would thoroughly recommend the work of Kinbrook Pty Ltd to any potential customer as being of exceptional quality. The staff are friendly, dedicated and professional in carrying out their duties and willing to go to any length to satisfy the requests of the client.”

Geoffrey C Mathison