There are a few situations where it is useful to have a clear coating that can be applied at the drop of a hat – just peel and stick. This is a great option when customising and some of the benefits include:

  • Small numbers of items that require doming at random intervals
  • Items where the print font is different across the artwork
  • Items where only part of the picture needs highlighting
  • Combinations of logo and font that may have varying finishes across the product often used in brochures

This product is especially useful when adding a finish to trophy centres or inserts, name badges and logos. Self-adhesive domes can be stored compactly, and their application is as easy as peel and stick.
We manufacture to your specifications for size and shape, so Contact us with the details of your requirements


The clear dome is made of resin set on a clear sticker. The sticker material we use has industrial strength adhesive that will stick to most clean flat surfaces.


With a resin dome on top of your stickers the colours will be enhanced through the lens effect bringing in more light. Resin will also help prevent the sun from fading the print and protect the intensity of colours for years.

The polyurethane resin we use is poured out like honey over the top of the stickers. The next morning the resin turns into a soft flexible dome.

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