The sea draws many of us for work and play but sometimes the environment can play havoc on equipment and labels. Kinbrook utilises materials that will withstand the conditions and enhance the look of your boat.

Our automotive grade resin will both maintain its lustre and protect the colours to ensure that your boat stickers remain as bright as your chrome trims. Application is as easy as applying a sticker, while the resin dome protects the sticker, it also protects against stretch or shrink.

The versatility of our process allows for the shape and size to be limited only by your imagination. Give your boat a special finish that will catch the eye of onlookers. When the business of boating gets too serious and you take a little time out for fishing, try adding some colour and lustre to your lures to bring in the catch of the day. Add eyes and shiny sides to any smooth surface to add glitter and flash to attract attention in the water.

Once you have brought the big one in, we have a domed ruler to attach to your deck, gunwale or fish box, to enable you to check the size of your catch. These come in metric or imperial measurement and the overall length can be 1 metre, or 36 inches, as a standard but we can custom make anything longer.

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With Kinbrook you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, Kinbrook has the solution.
Kinbrook is the right solution!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers overwhelmed with excitement and appreciation when they receive their domed product! Andy Wilkinson, from LBE Technology got in touch with us wanting to create a classy boat decal. With an overall brief of what he wanted on paper the team got to work. Through assistance and input from Andy with concepts and ideas, we were able to create this amazing boat decal, the way that he envisioned it!

The graphic Dolphin 22 was printed on a foil based material which reflects light from different angles, giving each colour a life of its own through its added shine. In using a shading technique, it added another level of depth to all the letters, making them more prominent. Finally, adding a UV protected glossy resin finish the job was complete with a refined and unique appearance. The Dolphin22 boat graphic will definitely have heads turning and people looking twice! You can see Andy’s boat adding a bit more class to the beauty of Sydney Harbour!

Here is what Andy had to say…

“To say I am pleased is an understatement. Thank you for a great service and product! I’ll be back for more for sure”