Name Badges

Every relationship starts with an introduction, and first impressions last a long time. A clear, easy to read, high quality, domed name badge can help set the tone for business interactions in your place of work. Let your staff greet your customers with confidence and clarity.

We pride ourselves on:
  • Good, clear printing,
  • In an easy to read font,
  • With clear bright colours.
  • Protected by a scratch resistant, crystal clear, high gloss dome
  • With a choice of high quality fastenings.

Place your name on Polished Gold, Polished Silver, or Stainless Steel (Brushed Silver), either as the background or the print. White with full colour printing extends your options for text and/or background colours.

Extend the effectiveness of your name badge by including your business logo to the side of your name. This has a two fold effect. It gives the wearer greater authority when talking with clients, underlining their position as the representative of your company. It strengthens your company brand by increasing visual awareness.

There is only one more decision to be made. How would you like to attach your name badge to your clothing?
We offer you two options,
  1. Super Magnetic plate
  2. Clip and Pin dual attachment
  3. Bar Pin attachment
Both will care for your clothing while ensuring the secure attachment of your name badge.

Resellers use form below.
End users, please visit Australian Name Badge

Please fill in this form to request your Order Form and pricing from us.
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When you are ready to order:
  1. Open the work book and click the 'Options' button to enable macros.
  2. Fill in your company details to ensure we get your name badges to you.
  3. Make your selection of materials, layouts and colours.
  4. Fill in the Names, Titles and Headings as you require them in the table provided.
  5. Attach your company logo at the appropriate place.
  6. Save the whole workbook and attach it to an e-mail to send back to us.
  7. Save a copy for your own records
  8. If you have any questions, call or e-mail us.
NameBadge BSHS NB 001_200NameBadge Blank backNameBadge Blank backAPP 004NameBadge ClipNameBadge GWD NB 001NameBadge NB SAS NB 008NameBadge Pony club 1 copy
NameBadge Bar PinNameBadge Blank backAPP 003NameBadge Blank backBRD NB 001NameBadge GID NB 011NameBadge Gold NB004_0NameBadge Name Badge Scenic RimNameBadge SAS NB 011