Custom magnets are a great way to promote your business, an event or landmark – in fact the options are endless. They are a low-cost, colourful way to promote your business or organisation and build strong brand awareness. Our customers range from large to small businesses, tradespeople, charities, schools and other educational facilities, theme parks and promotional gift companies.

Some of the uses for a fridge magnet include:

  • Business branding
  • Souvenir
  • Fundraising
  • Community engagement
  • Promotional
  • Events
  • Novelty
  • Gift

Each custom magnet is imprinted with key promotional information and covered by a domed resin finish that creates an attractive 3D effect. Choose your own text, message and graphic images, and we will create your custom fridge magnets to order.

Contact us by phone, or e-mail to discuss your individual requirements.


We can create magnets in the following shapes:

  • Small Rectangle (63x49mm)
  • Square (50x50mm)
  • Circle (50x50mm)
  • Business Card (89x53mm)
  • Large Rectangle (77x61mm)
  • Australia Map (88x67mm)
  • Boomerang (91x35mm)
  • Heart (78x68mm)
  • Kangaroo (93x52mm)


With a resin dome on top of your magnets the colours will be enhanced through the lens effect bringing in more light. Resin will also help prevent the sun from fading the print and protect the intensity of colours for years.

The polyurethane resin we use is poured out like honey over the top of the stickers. The next morning the resin turns into a soft flexible dome.

With Kinbrook you get more than a product, you get a solution.
From concept to manufacture, Kinbrook has the solution.
Kinbrook is the right solution!

A Step-By-Step Guide Through the Process of Creating Domed Resin Magnets is an article that explains the production process involved in bringing you your very own, custom made, magnets.

“WOW we are impressed…..These magnets will be part of the Manly Festival of Surfing ….
Thanks Heaps”