Creating a business promotional item will benefit you in a number of ways:

  1. Your business will immediately evoke a positive association in your customers' minds.
  2. Picture this scenario. Your customer walks into a store and is ignored by the sales staff who are all chatting loudly about the latest blockbuster movie. When she finally gets their attention, one of the sales people offhandedly directs her to the location of the item she wants to purchase. She makes her payment and the clerk pushes the merchandise across the counter towards her. The clerk goes back to her conversation without a further glance, let alone a 'thank you'.

    In contrast, when the customer does business with your company, you greet her with a friendly smile, give her your complete attention, and offer her a promotional gift after she's completed her purchase.

    What sort of a frame of mind have you invoked in your customer? An extremely positive one. One that is very likely to bring her back to purchase from you in the future.

  3. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.
  4. A business promotional item will make your customers feel this way. They realize that you didn't have to give them a gift because you already had the sale. But you gave it to them anyway, as a way of saying 'thank you for your business'.

  5. A business promotional item will invoke the law of reciprocity.
  6. Your customer will feel they 'owe you' because you gave them something for nothing. When someone gives you a gift, don't you appreciate their thoughtfulness? And don't you feel you'd like to do something for them, to repay them in some way?

  7. Presenting your customer with a business promotional item will make you feel generous.
  8. You'll enjoy playing Santa Claus, even if it's only in a small way. Your customer's grateful response will be a reward in itself.

  9. A business promotional item will keep working for you after it leaves your business and becomes part of your customer's world.
  10. Your promotional pen, coffee mug, desk clock or fridge magnet will remind your customer of your presence in the marketplace, and also of your excellent service.

The real key to making promotional products effective is to make them a reminder of a gratifying shopping experience or business transaction. You want your customers to recall a positive memory rather than just a nondescript event.

To see examples of how some of our clients use fridge magnets as a business promotional item, visit our Business Magnets page.